Going to do some quick catchup here.  Originally, I was going to post on each of these subjects.  But since most of the links are a week old and I want to get them off my plate, it’s going to be a friday cleanup.


There’s been a lot made of the project called Diaspora.  I think between the good marketing and the general distaste for facebook right now, these guys are capitalizing on the right thing at the right time

However, here’s the thing about the project: it’s niche at best.  Facebook may be the biggest privacy disaster we’ve seen, but only a fraction of it’s user base really care about that.  It’s an excellent goal to try and change the way people use social networks (and by extension, the web).  It’s another great goal to help people try and focus enough to care about privacy  The wrong way to do it though is to offer folks an alternative that increases complexity of use.

I know a lot of folks in the security community are excited by the possibility, but most of them have the skill set to tackle the complexity of usage.  The typical facebook user doesn’t.  BTW, I’m not the only one saying this.

Facebook/iPhone Integration

Patently Apple posted the following:

Perhaps “Apple’s new hooks into Facebook,” reported Frommer “will make this sync process part of the phone’s operating system and not just a feature of the Facebook app.” Coincidentally, a recently published Apple patent sheds light on this very subject under the scope of a fuller social networking application concerning various workflows including an “Add Contact” workflow and a “Social Networking” workflow which specifically highlights an exemplary Facebook example.

As a developer, this offers me some interesting possibilities for future apps.  But as a iPhone user, this scares the hell out of me.  With the privacy problems facebook is already dealing with, I’m more than a little concerned with tighter integration between my personal data and my social “network”.

One of my biggest concerns about the android platform is the tight integration with google accounts.  I would never chose to buy an android device AND have it tied to my google account.  It’s hard enough that I’ve made a concession to let them host some of my personal data.  To let facebook onto my iPhone may be a deal breaker for my continued use of it as my personal device.


On a lighter note, check out this very cool use of html 5’s canvas element.  It even loads up on an iPad, though it’s not playable due to gestures not being implemented.

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